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  1. Eric Arsenault says:

    Well done guys, my mom has epilepsy and even if its been many years since she talked about it to me and I believe she’s fine and that hey epilepsy medication is working, I will talk to her about it and show her this comic, it sounds like this illness could be such a heavy burden, and I just want to make sure she knows she can talk to me about this if she wants or feels like it.

    I will check out your other works guys, have a nice day.

  2. jason pedrick says:

    i like it, good job. i can relate 😉

  3. Bridgeen says:

    Absolutely Brillient. Well done Andy and Stephen. I’m really impressed you guys. I hope this gets the exposure it deserves.b.x

  4. Delia Tuohy says:

    You shared an earlier version of this with me …….. wow! Well done! Great result! Congrats!

  5. Howard says:

    I keep on going towards and then shying away from trying to approach this same topic. I’ve been in and out of the MRI tube again lately, to no real gain. Latest thinking is something like temporal lobe epilepsy, but no clear diagnosis yet, and I’m almost 35. It’s just exhausting spending so much time going back and forth.

    Thank you so much for this, though – beautiful piece of work.

  6. Sallieann says:

    I tell you what this is a fantastic piece of work, beautifully illustrated and spot on with the information, I would like to see this distributed to every school in the UK.

    Ive been waiting for someone to do something ‘cool’ and here it is Congrats all!!

    Epilepsy Sucks UK

  7. Andrew says:

    Thanks everyone who has commented. What is making the months of work worthwhile is the quality of the response and the people engaging in conversation or passing on the link. So far it’s success really has been proven by that old adage, “one person can make a difference”. The networks rather than traditional press have proven the power. If you’ve passed this link on, thankyou for educating around and for making me feel less absent. (The app may be on the Apple store soon I hope)

    Sallieann – what a great name for a website – I’ll check that out. At the moment, the only edu mailing plan takes in NI colleges and unis. The response I’ve gotten is that of a clear need for copies for schools: staff and Key Stage pupils, and I’m going to try to think and work something out there. It’ll likely be SAE copies on request, rather than by blanket mailing list. Meanwhile, the download print is free fair use.

  8. 3am Wisdom says:

    This is just brilliant! Good work.

  9. Laura says:

    I found this hugely illuminating, having little knowledge of epilepsy. Thanks for making it – works beautifully as sequential art too.

  10. Belle Forse says:

    Oh wow, it is my 6yr old son who has developed epilepsy seemingly out of the blue but probably because of the meningitis he had 5yrs ago. He can’t speak very well and so can’t really tell us what is going on when he has “a turn”. This fantastic piece of work has given me an insight into what he is going through. Thank you so much for your honesty it has really brought a lump to my throat.

  11. Martha Cornog says:

    Check out Ian Williams’ website: By all means send him this link and some background so he can post it on the site! There’s increasing interest now in medically-related graphic novels.

  12. varun dham says:

    Great work guys…! We need more people like you to spread awareness through your illustrations….

  13. Suzanna says:

    A good comic. I feel I’ve learnt something and I like the artwork and writing. There are a lot of invisible disabilities and maybe comics like these can make them better understood.

  14. AxioM says:

    Can I translate this comic into my native language?(I’m Thai) I wanna share this story to my epilepsy patients and others who can’t read English.

  15. Andrew says:

    Certainly. Under the conditions that no money is to change hands without consulting us, and if you can send along a copy of the translations so we’ve a view to disseminating this as well. (Under which your translator credit would be included)

    Andy (drew(dot)lukeatgmail(dot)com)

  16. Great piece of work, it should be seen by everybody. The drawing is deceptively subtle, as is the captioning.

  17. Tom Hart says:

    I’m a cartoonist with epilepsy. Enormous grand mals. This is a nice story. I’ll order the print comic. Thanks guys.

  18. how do you know if someone hsa a siezure yesterday someone told me i stared off into space but i dont remember anything help pleaes?

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Kathryn. What you describe is what happened to me a number of times. Possibly you did have an absence seizure, possibly not. Don’t panic.

      Ask around your friends if they have seen occasions when they’ve witnessed this. If you are able, get your doctor to refer you to a neurologist who will run a scan. I coped for years with absences and it was only my stupid pushing my limits which resulted in more serious seizures. If you have epilepsy, you’ll be prescribed medication and you may be called back for several tests and asked to try several different kinds to find the one that is right for you. Don’t panic. x

  19. frankreynold says:

    Researchers from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, India published a paper in which they investigated factors affecting quality of life in patients with epilepsy. They found that “depression, anxiety and the use of multiple antiepileptic drugs are strong predictors of poor quality of life in epileptic patients.” For the role of age, sex, and education, scientists said that ““age, sex and education did not correlate significantly with the quality of life”. The full study could be reached here

  20. Leslie Davis says:

    Great work! Very informative : )

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