Written by Andy Luke: (Project Manager)

Andy Luke is a Belfast resident, a writer who draws. His previous comics have included Bob’s, the critically acclaimed Gran, and Don’t Get Lost. He has also written extensively on the form and served on the committee of Caption, the UK’s longest-running comics festival.

As a Comics Project Manager, his methods include meticulous research on subjects and working with partners in development of edu-tainment in comics form. He has a strong knowledge of UK cartoonists and print resources along with a sturdy track record as a visual scriptwriter. You can download his Creative CV from here. or email him [at] drewluke, gmail [dot] com

Art and Website Design by Stephen Downey:

Stephen Downey is a Belfast based comicbook artist and illustrator. He has worked with Titan publishing, AAM/Markosia, Atomic Diner, Heske Horror, Comic a Gael, Insomnia Publications and Beserker to bring his comics and artwork to the masses.

He is the co-creator of Cancertown and Slaughterman’s Creed, both with Cy Dethan and has worked on the Torchwood comic strip for Titan magazines.
He draws all day long and loves every minute.

You can email him: stephen [at] stephendowneygallery [dot] com or pay him a visit and follow his blog at

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