An audio version for the visually impaired has been recorded by Andy. Each track covers a page, in mp3 form. The collection is 39mb and lasts approximately 45 minutes. To download, right click and save target as.

Ipod/Ipad users can download the free Absence app, donated by the wonderful people at OxiComics, from the Apple Store or via Oxicomics’ new Digital Platform.

If you don’t have an iPhone you can enjoy a similar reading experience in your browser developed for us for free by Oxicomics head, Morten F Thomsen. The HTML5 comics reader is intuitive and flexibile. [Link]

We are now out of stock of all print copies. Northern Irish residents should be able to get copies from a local library hospital, surgery, university, college, police station or community centre. You can print your own copy by downloading the PDF by right-clicking and selecting ‘save as’ here.

Direct financial gain is prohibited. Multiple print copy distribution is encouraged; we like this. As a courtesy, write and let us know where you’ve sent our work.

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